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The Underground Blading Society is a Beyblading league with several different teams. Since it's inception in 2013, they have pumped out many famous bladers. Can one forget about Takara Tim, the man who took the blading community by storm with his unique launching style and use of Hell Salamander, winning 3 international blader cups? Over the last 10 years, they have been building up some of the best teams in the North American League. The league was founded by Telence Bertram Bladdier (who, on a completely undrelated note, was fired from Hasbro after coming up with the idea for Beywheelz) after a summers eve in 2013, Telence remembered his youth where he didn't have any friends so he could only blade against himself. He decided to create a league where he could find people to fight against so his lonelyness wouldn't continue. The fall of 2013 was when the first UBS was created by TBB was also unfortunately his (and the early UBS') last fall as unfortunately, Telence Bertram Bladdier passed away due to lead inhalation as he was using off-brand Beyblades after hitting bankruptcy. The true UBS layed dormant for 3 years until it was restarted by William Bladdier, Telence's 10 year old nephew. The Beyblade world had reached the burst system by then, thus it was only reasonable to use the burst layer system. This new generation of beyblade brought around a major change in the way beyblades were used, promoting modular customization caused the heirarchy of Beyblade to be much more personality based, and the burst layer system caused battles to be much more dramatic then they used to be, causing battles to be much more fun to watch. By late 2020, William Bladdier was tired of Beyblade, being an edgy 14 year old. He decided to leave the UBS in the hands of two very competent and talented rising stars in the blading world. Ever since then, the UBS has been a massive staple in the overall blading community in the western United States, and a very solid alternative to other blading communities such as the WBO.