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Welcome to the underground blading society. We hope you stay for a while

The Underground Blading Society is a beyblading league with several teams in it. I am a founder and someone else is also a founder.

Blading Blog


Oh boy, there's a lot to talk about. Recently the UBS has recieved 2 new beys, Master Diabolos and World Spriggan. Master Diabolos is actually really good, and the generate driver is actually insane. There is a heavily noticable gap between the driver and the energy layer, as generate combines the forge disc and the driver together. The gimmick of generate is that it actually switches from attack mode to defense mode mid-battle, and the change is actually surprisingly noticable as it stablizes and evens out when it switches to defense mode. Another cool gimmick that Diabolos has is the reversable energy layer, which allows it to be both left and right spinning with just flipping the gachi chip to the other side of the energy layer. Funnily enough, World Spriggan has the same reversable energy layer gimmick. While we haven't been able to fully work with World Spriggan, it obviously performs very well, and is one of the UBS' top beys, along with Master Diabolos, who can defeat most, if not all of the beys we have, including Superking beys. One other big announcment is the new stadium that we are working on. We ordered a sled and we are working on spray painting it and padding it out, it'll be quite the stadium once we finish it. Anyways, I decided to try out this blog thing, so if you enjoyed this kind of formatting, then email us with the email at the bottom of the page.

So you like beyblade? do you want to take your love to the next level? do you want to register yourself or your team into the UBS? send all correspondence to